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I am a member of a new Socialist group in Ireland, the United Left Alliance, it has been formed by Socialists that have fought for decades against the capitalist system we are force fed via the capitalist media. This election has been a very important breakthrough not just for the people of Ireland but also Europe. Our country has fallen victim to the vultures that are the IMF & ECB who have begun the end game of the capitalist system, the cheap credit flowed around the globe for the past 20 years has now been reigned in & the unbridled & frenzied speculation over that time which drove prices skywards artificially now leaves the gaping hole in public finances & the people with the banks billions in bad debt. The end game i mentioned is now afoot, with the Private money lenders of last resort valiantly stepping in to 'bailout' our country from it woes (repay the banks private debts by passing it with interest to sovereign debt)Electricity, Gas, Wood & Water are all in the sights of our rescuers facilitated by our very own indigenous fascist’s in the Fine Gael party. George Orwell said, "In times of Universal deceit, telling the truth will become a revolutionary act"

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Labour Party Councillors delusion on Labour web site launching attack on ULA taken from Paul Murphy MEP's BLOG,

As you may already be aware, the flotilla has been delayed by a few more days largely due to the Herculean efforts that are being made by the Israeli establishment to prevent this humanitarian and political mission taking place. The Israel Law Centre has filed a complaint about the seaworthiness of the US ship. This is a transparent attempt to prevent such passengers as holocaust survivor Hedy Epstein and internationally renowned author Alice Walker from participating in the flotilla.

Their latest desperate effort is an attempt to intimidate journalists from going on the boats. They have said that any journalists who goes will be faced with a ten year ban on traveling to Israel. This is an outrageous attempt to prevent journalists being present to witness possible Israeli aggression against peaceful flotilla participants. This blatant attempt to crush press freedom should be condemned by all who defend the right to free speech, regardless of their views on the Flotilla or the Israeli blockade.

Israeli commandos storming the first Freedom Flotilla in May 2010
And while the Israeli state is busy cooking up plans to delay the Flotilla, the establishment parties in Ireland are reduced to pretend bewilderment as in the case of the Minister for Justice, Alan Shatter and pathetic smears in the case of Richard Humphreys, a Labour Party councillor in Stillorgan. Cllr Humphrey appears to have taken a bitter disliking to the United Left Alliance, releasing a somewhat hysterical attack on the ULA prior to February’s General Election and his latest diatribe against myself and fellow United Left Alliance activist, Cllr. Hugh Lewis, does not bother me in the slightest. However, his attack on the nine activists who were killed by the Israel Defence Forces last year is outrageous. In contradiction to the facts, but in line with Israeli propaganda, he has stated that responsibility for the killing of these people lies with the “nine Turkish terrorists” and that they “attempted to kill and injure members of the Israeli Defence Forces.” This is a fabrication not backed up with any evidence. In fact, a UN report in September 2010 confirmed that at least six of them were “summarily executed” by the IDF. Out of respect to the family of those activists and concern for the message it sends to the IDF about how it should respond to this flotilla, I call on him to retract that statement immediately.

Despite the combined efforts of the Israeli state and their friends in high and low places, they will not be able to stop this Freedom Flotilla. We will set sail within days for Gaza. The impact of our trip will be felt in Gaza and throughout the world as the horrific conditions that are imposed by the Israeli state on the people of Gaza are highlighted.

The irony of the Labour councillor saying that the aid could be brought in over land & in the same breath telling us the ships are there to bring in arms is incredible, it must not have dawned on the labour councillor that to follow his logic then arms could also be brought in overland. Oh how far Labour have moved from their founding principles in supporting the mighty & powerful over the weak.

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